How it works

Prosperity With ViSalus

Prosperity - an important part of the ViSalus™ Mission - is the power of entrepreneurship, the desire for financial freedom, and the passion to give back and make an impact on others.

Our Founders created The ViSalus™ Opportunity to provide a simple, fulfilling, and fun business model for people who share these beliefs.

How does the ViSalus™ Opportunity Work?

At ViSalus™ we know that our products work. Behind the documented research stands the heartbeat of our community: Thousands of satisfied customers and inspiring success stories.

The people who use our products love them; when you really enjoy something, you like to share it. This is the simple yet profound concept behind the ViSalus™ Opportunity. Our Body by Vi™ Challenge makes health and wellness available to all by opening up the opportunity to get your products for free each month when you share the Challenge with others.

The ViSalus™ Opportunity is grassroots marketing at its finest. We offer our satisfied customers the ability to become Distributors, earning residual income by helping others experience our products. Put simply, you can enjoy a community that provides real solutions, and get paid for it!

Compensation Plan

The ViSalus Compensation Plan, one of the most aggressive and rewarding in the industry, was designed to allow people to improve their personal economy today!

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Earn Income 8 Different Ways
  1. Personal Customer Commissions - up to 25% paid on all personal purchases & customers. Personal customer referrals count as your customers! First 10% paid weekly. Balance paid monthly. The more customers you have, the more you can earn.
  2. First Order Bonus - Earn more on the products purchased by new Associates upon enrollment.
  3. Fast Start Bonus - Paid on product within Executive Success System
  4. Rising Star Enroller’s Pool - Enroll with an ESS and achieve Director in your first 30 days to become a Rising Star and qualify to earn from ViSalus’ total company revenue every week!
  5. BMW Bonus - $600 per month Black BMW Car bonus
  6. Team Commissions - Paid up to 8 Generations in depth.  Reach Ambassador to unlock the Infinity Bonus.
  7. Leadership Pool - Earn a percentage of ViSalus’ total company revenue
  8. Ambassador Star Bonus - Paid from Vi-Net Pro/SUCCESS Subscriptions
Get Paid Weekly & Monthly!
  • Bonuses for new production are paid weekly! From Friday 12:01AM PST - Thursday at midnight PST - Get paid on Monday!
  • Monthly Commissions sent on the 15th for the previous month.
  • Receive your commissions via check or the ViSalus Prosperity Card.
Team Building Advantages
  • Rolling QV (RQV) for new Associates who start on or after the 15th of the month.
  • Weekly Rank Promotions (Thurs. at midnight)
  • Two Month Grace Period for new promotions of Regional Director & above.
  • 60 Day Waiting Room.

The Bimmer (BMW) Club
Driving The Good Life Home with ViSalus™ Bimmer Club

Since ViSalus™ knows our distributors are people who align themselves with only the BEST and aspire to live the 'Good Life' with quality; it is only fitting that our top producers be recognized in a way that echoes their commitment to excellence. Welcome to the ViSalus Bimmer Club!

ViSalus™ puts our distributors across the country behind the wheels of the ultimate experience in luxury performance through the most achievable car reward program in the nation. By reaching the level of Regional Director or higher, ViSalus distributors can qualify for the exclusive Bimmer Club and become eligible for a monthly BMW bonus that goes toward your very own ViSalus-branded black BMW. Whether your dream car is a sporty Z4 roadster or the sophisticated 7 series sedan, you too can experience the sheer joy of driving one of the sleekest, most advanced cars in the world.

Ordinary people with extraordinary passion are driving home success! Will you be next? 

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